John Robus has been in the water purifying business since 2010. He is passionate about water purification and the quality of his installations are proof of that. He is known in the industry for his exceptional workmanship and will never take short cuts on site or use inferior quality products. He regularly goes the extra mile for his clients and will find solutions for his client’s water challenges. “People do not realise how poor the quality of drinking water in South Africa has become, especially borehole water”, John says. He refuses to do any borehole water installation without a water analysis. Borehole water contains contaminants which could be a very unwelcome surprise to clients. They could be things like arsenic and exceptionally high levels of E.coli. John has built and installed a variety of systems. Systems such as under the counter Reverse Osmosis systems; whole home systems to purify municipal or borehole water going into the house; water storage systems with purification in order to supply homes and offices with water in case of water cuts; installing portable water purifying systems into shipping containers in various countries in Africa; water bottling plants, commercial water storage and filtration systems to supply water to companies in the event of water cuts.